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The first modulable modern oboe !

This is a true revolution for the oboe.
The head and the exit of the bell are removable.
You can change the size and the material of these.
Three heads and three"rings of bell" transforms the quality of the sound.

The white head making in elforyn whose shape recalls the Baroque oboe. It will soften the treble harmonics of the sound.
The white ring also making in elforyn with a large mass and a small output. It will round sound.
The black head also in elforyn is the one that is closest to an "ordinary" oboe.
The black ring in elforyn is also "ordinary".
With the third head in aluminum and wood the sound becomes brightness.
The third wooden ring with a ring of aluminum is very open. It allows a high fluidity and a big sound projection

The bore and the tone hole are studied to have the maximum of facility for the musicians.
The bore has a slightly conical. This conception allows the musicians to play with ease.

The tone hole have an undercut with a specific form. The legato in the large intervals are easier.
The Fossati MB oboe is very direct and responds to the slightest change in your air and inflection. This quality is due to the unique design of the upper joint.
The MB will follow you in through all shades and colors of that you ask and require of it.
From pianissimo to triple forte (and beyond!) the stability and eveness will surprise and delight you.
The large bore of Fossati S coupled with its thin-walled body gives the instrument a round tone coupled with excellent flexibility. The balance between its bore and the placement of its tone holes, gives its tuning uniformity throughout its range.

The roundness of its tone, its flexibility, and homogeneity makes the S very comfortable to play.
The Fossati A takes the broad S Fossati head but the body is thicker, which gives it a very round and soft sound.
The simple design of the bore and the tone hole allows musicians to be guided by the instrument.
The Tiery E oboe is recommended and utilized worldwide.The placement and design of the tone holes are designed to facilitate the development of an oboist's skills .

The E is appreciated and endorsed by the teachers for its uncomplicated design, reliable response, homogeneous tuning and durability.
The Tiery J oboe is a streamlined tool, allowing steady progress in both technique and musicality without the necessity of upgrading instruments.

Its easy response, tone color and stable tuning make it the choice of many professors as an excellent student instrument.
Looking for a oboe for very young beginners? The Tiery D will make you happy.
Two flaps, eight holes ... difficult to make easier !
Lightweight and simple fingerings help children to reach a good attitude and familiarity with the instrument.